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How Bad Thad Contributed
After I became interested in the sport, I soon realized that the wickets (hoops) included with ALL commercial Croquet sets were very inadequate for use in Cinci Croquet. Regular wickets are made of a thin gauge wire and didn't provide the strength necessary for serious play. Additionally, they were just too small, with respect to height and width, for the large courses we were setting up.

To find a solution, I turned to a great "freebie". I discovered that political signs used to place "vote-for-me" advertisements were constructed of heavy gauge steel rod. This turned out to be the ideal starting material. A great wicket can be made by taking an average size sign, cutting it in half, and forming it in to 2 wickets. This produces wickets about 14" high, approximately 9" wide at the top and 14" wide at the bottom after placement.  After the forming process, the wickets are simply painted with spray paint. Also, for night purposes (low light conditions), I found it helpful to place several pieces of reflective tape on the wickets.

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