Cincinnati Rules Croquet

If a player, on his turn, strikes an opponents ball with his, this is known as a "Hit". The players ball is now "Dead". In other words, he no longer be awarded continuance shots for hitting opponents balls. This lasts until the next wicket is passed. He may Hit other balls with his own ball (as to drive an opponent away), but he gets no Hit award.

After the Hit, the player now has two options: 1) Take 2 continuance shots starting the first shot at a distance of one mallet's head length from the hit ball. 2) Send the opponents ball, hopefully out of play, by using one of two techniques.

  • Send (Roque) - The players ball is placed anywhere so that it touches the opponents "hit" ball. The player places his foot on his ball, as to prevent it from moving, and strikes his ball causing the opponents ball to move.
  • Follow - Same as above, but no foot is placed on the players ball. He strikes his ball causing BOTH his ball and the opponents ball to move.

After sending a ball, no continuance shots are awarded and the players turn ends.

Note: On a Send, other players balls may fall victim to the action. They have no recourse in this situation, they must play their ball wherever it comes to rest. However, the Sender MAY NOT strike another persons ball with his mallet. If this happens, the balls are returned to their original locations and the player is given one more try . If it happens again, the balls are returned to their original locations and the Sender loses his turn (Bad Thad variation).

(In the Indiana variation, the balls are replaced and player loses his turn without pity. There is no second try, all such mistakes are penalized by loss of turn.)

The "IF YOU'RE THRU, YOU'RE THRU" Rule: If, in the act of going through a wicket, an opponents ball is struck, then it is not considered a hit. It has passed the wicket and the player is entitled to 1 continuance shot, even if knocks the opponents ball through. Note that if the opponents ball lies behind the wicket, then it is considered a Hit. The player is then awarded the standard 2 continuance shots or a Send/Follow. Shots are NEVER additive here. For example, the player would NOT be rewarded with 3 continuance shots, 1 for going through and 2 for the hit.




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