Cincinnati Rules Croquet

Passing a Wicket
Players attempt to hit their balls though the course wickets in a predefined order. For each wicket passed, they are awarded one continuance stroke.

Mike White (Indiana) Variation: Wicket continuance shots are not additive. For example: Passing thru 2 wickets with one shot only results in 1 continuance shot.

Bad Thad Variation: All wicket continuance shots are additive. Passing 2 wickets with one shot results in 2 continuance shots.

To get credit for passing a wicket, the ball must be completely through the wicket. That is, no part of the ball should be on the entrance side of the wicket. In order to make the determination, if necessary, it is permitted to adjust the wicket so that it is exactly perpendicular to the ground. It is common courtesy to permit another player to make the adjustment and the call.




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