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Course Layout
One of the MAJOR differences between Cinci Rules and Croquet is the layout of the wickets and posts. As in Croquet, a total of 9 wickets and 2 posts are used. However, instead of the classic, boring layout used by jacket-wearing snobs, the course is designed freehand. That is, wickets are placed RANDOMLY, but with a logical flow, throughout the playing area. The exception being post wicket locations. At the 2 posts, there are ALWAYS 2 parallel wickets placed about 18" apart. Like This:

End/Turn-around post and wickets position.

The other 5 wickets are spead-out anywhere. This results in a layout similar to that of a golf course. Usually, wickets are placed in a fashion that utilizes the natural landscape to the fullest extent. For example, placement of wickets near "hazards" such as holes, traps, fences, trees, bushes, etc. (Note: Deep water hazards are obviously avoided, who wants to lose an expensive Croquet ball!)

I like relatively "short" courses that take 2 players about 10-15 minutes to complete. My courses are mainly par 2 wickets with maybe one or two par 3's. This allows a group to get more games in over a given time period. Mike White leans toward HUGE courses, covering up to half an acre. His wickets are normally par 3's that are very easy to bogie. These course's can take 30 minutes or more for 2 people to complete. With 5-6 people playing, count on games lasting an hour or more.




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