Cincinnati Rules Croquet

Equipment - With the exception of wickets, standard Croquet equipment is used. A set normally includes 6 balls, 6 mallets, 9 wickets and 2 posts. Generally, the higher quality the equipment, the better. I say "generally" because we have found the very expensive mallets to be unsuitable for Cinci Croquet. This is because expensive mallets are usually designed for "old foggies" using the "between the legs" swing. They often have long handles (36" or so).
Old Farts Playing CroquetThese old farts would be history on a Yard Golf course. This swing style in unsuitable for use in Yard Golf. Notice how short their course is. oooo, that looks really difficult. Like comparing minigolf to the PGA tour...hehehehe!

Cinci Rules players use the standard "golf stance" most of the time. In this stance, long handles tend to impede your swing (unless you're 6'10" or better).

My Opinion on Hardware

Ball quality is important. My preference is for solid wood balls. Plastic balls definitely have a different "feel" to them. Also, consider the difference between mallet brands. The shaft should be wide and sturdy, "girly man" brands use thin shafts. A shaft of about 1" to 1" in diameter is nice, anything less feels weak. My personal set of mallets are 1" diameter and 24" in length (although I perfer 26" length for long courses) . The mallet head is  7" in length and 2" in diameter. Fairly standard dimensions for normal cheap sets.  Like in golf, mallets should be individualized based on your height and weight.

If you want to look at some expensive equipment, most of it unsuitable for Cinci Rules, start at




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