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A completely psychotic, freaked-out-to- the- max, insane, straight-jacket wearing, jail deserving, mean-as-hell, computer guy.

Ouch...That's Gotta Sting!

Actually,  I'm an Analytical Chemist from Indiana University, but computers are my true passion. For part-time fun (my chemist job) I support 4 laboratories using Windows NT 4.0. This encompasses about 25 NT PC's. For other fun, I build/repair PC's and waste time tweeking my PC and playing Quake3.  The rest of my fun is spent with my family, listening to Dream Theater, and caring for my yard golf course, eh...I mean my lawn.

OH...and NO, I'm not a devil worshiper ! I just like Halloween and this theme looks cool ! I attend Church regularly. I was even married on kidding !


Special Thanks

I owe all my computer knowledge and drive to learn from the ultimate computer Dad. Thanks Dad for teaching me and helping me over the years, also, thanks for your contributions to BT's Domain. Someday you will own an AMD!!
BIG Thanks to my family for letting me spend hours on developing this fun web site. I Love You Guys!

The Victims of My Passions

Joanie My Wife   Brandon My Son   Abbey My Daughter

Indiana University...Go Hoosiers !

Special Hello's: Mom, Dad/Nora, Mark, Briede Bunch & Jawbone, Steve Mc., Mike P.W., and all my buds at the Mil, God Bless.


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