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Bad Thad hates taxes !   Use the web to find the best deals on what you need (cheaper than you can buy in stores), then give our bloated government the shaft by not paying taxes ! It's a wonderful and vary rare thing. There are NO TAXES paid on web transactions....lets fight to keep it that way FOREVER!

(Note: Our fine government legislators have already decided to begin taxing web transactions sometime soon (They just can't resist!). Take advantage of the no tax situation while you can !)

If your planning on buying something through the web, why not start here and help Bad Thad's Domain. It costs you nothing extra and I get a dinky commission for being the one who sent you to them. ('d do the same thing as good old Bad Thad if you knew how! Hehehehehe.) Check 'em out and help me keep this site going. Best of all PAY NO TAXES !!!!!

FAQ: Is it safe to use my credit card on the web?

Yes. Reputable websites use a special secure ordering system that is nearly impossible to crack. Only secure sites are listed here. People that can hack into these systems are going for bigger fish than your credit card number. In the one in a billion chance someone gets your number, according to credit card laws, you are only responsible for the first $50 charged . Not the end of the world and certainly no reason to keep you from the buying convenience of the web.

Bad Thad does NOT get ANY of your information...ZIPPO!  Well...duh !?

FAQ: How do I shop for price on the web? BIG question. Instead of me spelling out all the details, check out this website. They have done an excellent job (for the most part), I will critique when I have time because they left out some details.

Price Shopping on the Web (click HERE)

If you have never been to, get ready, this site is awesome for music lovers. My first time there kept me hooked for 3 hours ! Especially those looking for something new and different. The audio feeds are fast and you can download FREE MP3 music files.


Looking for difficult to find a music CD? Use the search engine below and check the prices at CDNOW. They show the list price and their price. Ground shipping is FREE on in stock items, other wise just $1.50. You can buy CD's cheaper than in retail stores without having to leave home. They seem to have everything...try a search and see.

CD NOW is a super place to buy CD's, here is a copy of my last transaction...WHAT A DEAL!

Artist/Item  Title Qty  Price  Status   
Liquid Tensi  Vol. 2-Liqui  1 CD 13.99A  Processing  
Dream Theate  Scenes From   1 CD 12.58A  Processing  
Total Items: 2 
Subtotal 26.57  
Shipping and Handling 3.98  
$10 off -10.00  
Tax 0.00  
Total 20.55 

These CD's would have cost me well over $30 from a local retail store! Notice...NO TAX!

Before you continue on to CDNOW or MP3, click this frame breaker > Click here to break out of FRAMES!




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