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Thread Started By: Austin-4 on 23Dec99

You Know You're Addicted To Progressive Music When:

(Hey! Either you people  can't COUNT or this list is in some odd-time signature!)

1. You start playing along with Backstreet Boys and using time frames like 12/16, 7/8, 6/4, etc ...

2. You hear a song on the radio and think, "Man, this song would be so much cooler if that riff was in 7/4 maybe change the third note to a F#. Yeah, that would rock

3. You think 6 string guitars are for GIRLY players, only a 7 string will do.

4. You begin writing your songs in time and key signatures that have the rest of your band begging for mercy.

5. You hear someone mention the name "John" and begin to think of all the Prog musicians named John, thinking of why they are so awesome.

6. You begin the savage hunt for all JPM's to make them yours. (right Juan?)

7.When you begin to critique all aspects of other styles of rock music.

8.When you STILL listen to all your old albums, we 'don't 'throw them away' because it gets 'played out yo.'

9. You spell out titles like "Metropolis" in your "Alphabets" cereal in the morning...

10. You're a bassist, and have nightmares about being forced to play a four-string...

11. Your band screams at you, "Stop that tapping and play like a normal person!!"

12. If you think you should start listening to ACOS from the beginning again, if you're interrupted by the phone or the doorbell (at 21,30 mins into the song).

13 - It seems there is only one song in DT´s album because you have all phrases in mind.

14 - You wake up in the morning and listen to DT while brushing your teeth.

15- You time your..err...umm..."climax" to coincide with the Orgasm in "Home"

16. Every time you see numbers like 7, 9, 11 or 17 your mind starts wandering.

17. You can actually pay more attention to a favorite song than a girl kissing you.

18. Every time the topic of the conversation amongst friends is "favorite band" everyone roll their eyes when you say DT cause they're sick of hearing it.

19. You visit MP.com on a daily basis and you've got pals in there.

20. Life isn't quite the same.

21. You make love in 13/8 rhythm 22. You have more friends in MP.com than you do in the real world. 

23. playing in 4/4 is considered an "odd time signature"

24. you wish there was an instrumental section in "Jingle Bells"

25. You start creating double bass patterns when you listen to anything...ANYTHING

26. Any band that hasn't had Bill Bruford as a member is not considered a "real" band.

27. LTE is in your alarm clock/CD player to wake you up in the morning (this is true for me!)

28. Your license plates say 'PROG ROC'

29. Every time you see adds for Progressive Auto Insurance your eyes light up

30. All the cd's on your X-mas list require online ordering

31- You use the word "Myung" as a noun-i.e. "Look at him! He's really myunging now!"(I really do this one!)

32- Any drum kit with less then 8 pieces and 12 cymbals should be sold at Sears

33- the name of your cover band is "Fate's Dream"

33 - Your 5-Disk CD player is full of DT, LTE and Platypus.

34 - You tell your friends about DT members as if they were close to you.

35- You start a thread called "You're addicted to progressive music when..."

36- Your Christmas gifts are mostly DT and LTE albums.

37- Your girlfriend's gifts are mostly Platypus and PlanetX albums.

38- You dream with a girl called Victoria.

39- Your telephone bill grows every month because of your internet addiction. 

40. Your doctor tells you have an irregular heart rhythm and you think it's cool.

41.Your drum set grows so big, that your bed room has turned into your DRUM room. 

41. You no longer think of 1928 as the year your grandmother was born anymore.

42. When you're at the shore, you're always drawing lines in the sand.

43. You know the new millennium doesn't start until 2001, but you wanna blast that song at 12 am anyway.

44. 6:00 on a Christmas morning takes on a whole new meaning.

45. If you hear a techno song (all of which consist of a pattern that slightly changes every 4 bars of 4/4) you start breaking up the 16 beats of each section into odd time signatures while alternating double bass 8ths 16th and 16th note triplets or 32nd notes depending on the tempo (usually pretty quick) while playing non repeating linear beats with your hands as your driving to Cape Cod with the cruise control on. 

45: When you get your kids to play progressive rock music you never could play

46: Prog rock is a disease that there is no cure for - thank god

47. You do a double take if the vocals start sooner than a minute and a half into a song. 48) Your local rock radio deejay has you on his hit list because of your excessive requesting of "Home"

49) You stole a flyer at Pearl Vision which said "Progressive Lenses"

50) The question "What kind of music do you listen to?" just leads to more questions, which lead to blank stares.

51)You use your "Puppy on ACID" status to reveal your "addiction" to prog. (which coincidentally I don't have

52) You think the "Prog" button on your cassette player is for emergencies.

53 - you stare at somebody with a "how can you be wasting my oxygen?" type of look when they don't understand how intricate the bassline to "Learning to Live" is ...

54 - the person next to you on line thinks you're having a seizure because your fingers are tapping your leg to one time signature and your feet/head a moving to another

55 - you refuse to show up to work on-time because of the simple FACT that "on-time is boring"

56. You roll down the windows in 20 degree weather because you feel it's your duty to expose DT to the world...

57. You enjoy the faces people in other cars make at you when they hear an analog synth soundwave for the first time!

58. You get pissed cause you own EVERY prog cd at Record Town (all 6 of them)

59. You "convert" people you your dark "prog rock cult"

60. When MP posts, you refer to it as "coming down from heaven"

61. You can make lines from songs work in normal conversations. You could even hold a entire conversation with nothing but DT lyrics.

62 - You waste time putting together a web page listing reasons why we're addicted to progressive rock.  

63. You go into a deep state of depression because the only place to get music within 70 miles of your home is Wal-mart

64. You keep the same cd on auto-repeat for 4 days straight so you can completely dissect and analyze "the latest addition to the collection"

65- You eagerly await the Spice Girl's new concept CD...

66- you can find an odd-time signature on the new "Nine Inch Nails" CD...

67- You cut the Christmas ham counting "one-two-three-four-five-six-seven, one-two....

65: Your friends accuse you of having a broken CD player because they think it's skipping.

66: You accidentally click your mouse button in time with the music you're listening to. (I do this a lot)

67: When you start to HATE AC/DC.

68. When you hear a radio ad for a nightclub that plays progressive dance music you think it's gotta be in odd time signatures. 

69. You no longer think of songs in the traditional "verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo/bridge-chorus" arrangement. Instead, you favor "parts" (i.e. Prelude, Apollo, Dionysus, etc...) 

69. You get so into prog that you have to skip over #68 just to get a little 69! 

70. every time you see the link "Home" on a web page, you think it's a DT site 

71. When.you.log.on.to.a.site.10+.times.a.day.and.continue.to.reply.EVEN.WHEN.YOUR.SPACEBAR.

72. When you get cruise control in your car primarily so that you can play double bass patterns while driving. 

74. When you try to Burn your own soul.

75. when you take Under a Glass Moon into a literal sense.

76. When you have 2 different components to your CD rack, 'PROG' and 'WHATEVER'.

77. You take the time to post on this thread but you just can't help it.

80. As a female, you get at least one e-mail a month that says, "wow -- you're a *girl*? And you dig *prog*??

81. You have a picture of your musical hero taped somewhere on your gear to remind you exactly what heights you are striving for.

82. You think its cool when you're air drumming/guitaring/etc to a new cd and you can't get the pattern down until, like, the 50th try.

83. When the following happens so regularly it becomes funny: You and friend(s) are listening to prog and you point out something you think is cool, and JUST AS YOU SAY IT, whatever you think was cool has stopped or changed, making you feel like a complete idiot

84. Once you have the air drumming down pat, you try to twirl your air drumsticks and keep time with the music. 

85. You try explaining odd time signatures to 60 year old grandmas sitting next to you on a Greyhound to Cincinnati 

86. You freak out when you see someone else from Houston (or the city closest to you) post on mikeportnoy.com. 

87 - You know you've hit the jackpot when the US coordinator of the Dream Theater International Fan Club posts a reply to your message!

88 - When my medical insurance deductible goes up every month for continuous trips to the dr's office for bleeding finger tips and the doc tells me to lay off the Petrucci licks for awhile.

89- when you measure yourself, and realize that you've lost three inches of height because you play a heavy-as-hell 6-string bass 

90- You start thinking about changing the name of your email account for something like "Ytsejam362" or "Portnoy50". 

91- You start thinking about re-painting your instrument (guitar, drums, whatever) with a weird cubist design with an obscure and hidden meaning.

92. You set up all your passwords to be recognized in 7/8. 93. You snore in odd time signatures.

 94- You have a hurt leg and think of the way you walk as a 3/8 signature.

95. You get back from the biggest party of the century and the first thing you do is get on the net and check out this site!

96- You get back from the biggest party of the century and the first things you do are vomit, get on the net, and check out this site!

97- "New Millennium" is an outdated song....

98- Watching all the "Dick Clark-type" drivel on TV, the only thing you can think of is..."3...2...('I hope Rush is still together!!')...1....HAPPY NEW YEAR!!"

99 (ways to die). You pour a hot cup of tea over yourself while air drumming to DT. (shit...)

100(Yeah, baby, YEAH!!)- You call the first of the year, "Hangover Pt.1 - The Blurred vision and the Upset Stomach"

101- When insomnia sets in, you count 7 sheep jumping over 4 fences...

102. You're STILL reading this thread. 

103. You start composing a master list of titles for new overblown epic art rock songs out of everyday conversation... or even better, from posts in the MP.com forum.

104-Your friends that do not listen to DT tell you to shut up or leave the new years party because you refuse to be ringing in the new year to anything less than that.

105-add on to #49-you go to your favorite music store and steal the Ibanez banner that is hanging because it has JP on it with Dream Theater listed below.

106: The first thing you do when you buy a new CD is to check how long the songs are.

107- You actually click on Bad Thad's "spooky looking 'winking Portnoy'" banner to read the whole damn list!

108: Your snare drum stand snaps clean immediately after playing under a Glass Moon and you're left playing the rest of the night with your snare finely balanced on a bar stool with phone books on it

109: You start writing poetry to the one you love and upon reading it back to yourself, you've just quoted from nearly every song DT has ever written!

110: You roll down all your car windows blasting DT just to laugh at the blank stares you get from all the other homies with their techno/dance/rap crap!

111: You subject a whole gathering of people to listen to DT's Awake and SFAM albums just to convince them to buy the records so you get to finally see DT live if they get the numbers they want to see. You find this to be ineffective when they're all recovering from a New Year's hangover, when you seem to be the only hungover one who can handle it!

112: Any time signature that isn't odd time is considered to be very odd!!

113. You get rejected by a girl because "there's more in life than Dream Theater, Spock's Beard, playing bass and corn flakes" 

114. You keep hearing questions like "do you get paid for this?" about your "promotional" work for prog and DT in particular.

115. You drag some non-DT-fan colleagues from work to a DT concert and they just say "I knew every note they played!" afterwards.

116. You never leave the house without a discman and a selection of prog CDs.

117. You force your favorite local pub to put DT CD's in the juke box. (and you buy them the CD's of course) 

118. When you start to use DT logo instead of your signature

119. When you don't even notice it anymore when you are listening to a 5/4 or a 7/8.

120. When you tell ALL your friends about Dream Theater, and expect ALL of them to like Dream Theater, and to buy ALL of their CD's immediately.

121. When you listen to Dream Theater every second of the day, when you have the chance, on your way to school/work, at school/work, after school/work etc...

122. When you start to appreciate the complexity of orchestral music. 

123: Your CD/MD player resents you for being overworked and you go out buying spare optical assemblies to combat the problem!

124: When you can understand or relate to every entry in this thread.

125: When your non-prog friends are ready to kill you or admit you to the nearest mental instition because or your abnormal obsession.

126: When any sentence you read that contains the word "Dream" or "Theater", you feel that they left a word out. The two words should be combined at all times.

127: When you think the word "Ytsejam" should be clearly defined in the Webster's dictionary.

128: When you go to the CD store, you look for Dream Theater CD's even tho you already have two copies of each.

129: When you plan your vacations around DT's tour schedule, and other Prog bands.

130: When your pet's name is/are related to anything prog. 

131. No one has ever heard of the bands/songs/albums you think craps on the Grammy Nominees from a height of several miles, which causes you to fall into a deep depression. 

132. You notice all acronyms of DT song titles or band members on license plates. 

133. Worse: you even notice them with the letter order being screwed up. 

134. People stare at you as your drumming away on your steering wheel trying to figure out the "shrink and grow" part of Fatal Tragedy. 

135. You turn down the volume on your TV and begin to surf up and down on the channel button as fast as the stations will switch. 

136. When you're making love to your significant other (gotta be PC) and they scream out, "eeeek, what are you doing?" and you reply, "sssshhhh, you'll break my concentration, I just went into a 7/4 rhythm...." 

137: It annoys you when friends claim that Kirk Hammett is the world's technically greatest guitarist! 

138. At least 137 of these so far describes you perfectly 

139. When you always cut your pizza starting at 6:00!

140. When you spread cream cheese on a bagel to the shape of a "DT" symbol.

141. When you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning and just have to sing that opening riff... shh shh shh... shh shh shh sorry I bet nobody can relate.

142. When you buy the CD for everybody in your family to increase DT sales and to MAKE your family like because it will now always be part of their life...then they end up liking it anyways

143. You type in 15/8. 

144. You spend at least 1 hour a day trying to figure out new reasons to being addicted to prog rock that you can post and go ahead and actually do those things

145. You start doing some of the things that were posted on the Addicted to Prog Rock thread

146. You Go out for a first date and play the 'sex scene' in 'Home'in your car stereo and ask your date what position she thinks that was

147. You gross people out upon saying you made your third movement of the day.

148. You go cross eyed by scanning though 200 + forum posts.

149. You get crushed underneath an organ at church while trying to play like Keith Emerson.

150. You put all of your favorite prog cds in the front of each row at the record store.

151. You start having epileptic seizures upon seeing the "spooky looking 'winking Portnoy'" banner.

152. You need 120 minutes worth of space to record a mix tape that only has 9 songs on it. 

153) You and your friends go to a nudie bar and all you do is talk about the music the dancers are "performing" to. :0 

154: When you spend all your money buying DT and/or side projects.

155: When you're at mp.com and you see another side project or DT related CD, and you must get that CD IMMEDIATELY!

156. When you have friends that claim to be DT fans and when you find out they DON'T DO #155, you get really pissed off at them, spit in their face and say they've betrayed the Spirit of the Ytses! 

157. When you're in a music store, you go around looking for your favorite cds so when people walk by they think you're cool because they've never heard of that artist. 

158. Anyone non-musician is considered as a "mortal" 

159. When you're in a CD-store and you have to spell the artists name about five times before they get it right....

160. When your savior is the drummer in a progressive rock band. (Visit Banned Theater to view the image!)


162: When you freeze, your teeth clatter(?) in 9/8

163. When you and your brother are listening to Lines in the sand, and airdrum along, and Mike starts getting complicated, you both fall in at the right moment, and look at each other with a  smile!

164. When all your passwords and PIN numbers are DT acronyms...oops...maybe I shouldn't have said that...oh well

165. When you're afraid to go out carousing with your pals, because you don't want to be subjected to "hit" music. So you just decide to stay home and log in to MP.com instead.

166. When a woman asks if she can borrow one of your 3 copies of SFAM, and you run and buy an engagement ring.

167. When you get so into your DT while driving that you try to get your car humming just right so that it's in tune with the music playing!!!

168. When you make either dreamtheater.net or the mp.com forum your start page

169. When you consider buying the Homeworld PC game just because it features music by Yes in it, even though you hate space sims.

170. When your friends come over and you got to put on a CD and they say "Not prog again!"

171. When your wife (who hadn't even heard of prog when you met her) is now including lyrics to a Marillion song in an internet training course she's writing. (seriously!)

172. When you are incredibly proud of your wife because of her doing number 171.

173. When people ask you what kind of music you listen to, you tell them and they go, "what? frog?"

174. (A step further from 173) When people ask you to define progressive rock, you mind goes to a complete blank and then information rushes in and you spend half an hour explaining it to them.

175.  You keep visiting and posting at mp.com even tho all your posts are either removed, edited or bannned due to content.

176. When your buying a home and the agent asks you what you're looking for, you mutter something stupid like "low cost" or "good location." But in the back of your mind, you're thinking only one thing: A *sweet* room for your stereo.

177. When you start to judge all music like you do Olympic diving: First look at the execution and then factor in the difficulty.

178. You pee your pants when Portnoy actually responds to one of your posts.

179. You spend countless hours painstakingly producing technically accurate DT and LTE guitar transcriptions for "personal enjoyment"

180. When the hit counter on your webpage goes to: 2117 - and you and your guitarist say at the same time, "Damn, we missed 2112".

180. When anytime a non-DT fan becomes a DT fan you refer to it as a "conversion." As if it's almost a religion.

(BT is LHAO at this numbering system.)

182 - You refer to your credit card number as "the time signatures of the chorus of "SDV," the bridge of "Speak to Me," the 'shrink 'n grow' section of "Fatal Tradegy", ect"...

183 Help SFAM was stolen when they robbed my car.

184 Those damn cd thieves will pay for this.

185 Mom you really need to listen to this music its great

186 buying backstreet boys CDs to use as frizzbees

187 wondering when the next DT album will come out the day after the new release.

188. When your wife, husband or significant other keeps telling you "I'm not a drum!" I'm always keeping rythem on some part of her body!

189. When the General asks for your opinion when he knows full well you are off in your own little world and not paying attention. This happened to me this morning in a staff meeting--I had Spock's Beard going through my head and my feet were going!

190. When you can't exercise to anything but the 20 minute epics!

191. When instead of a outgoing verbal message on your answering machine, you just have prog playing.

192. When you start to plan you OWN European tour so you can see all the bands you know you'll never see in the US.

193. You spend countless hours updating this list so it's easier to read.

194. You notice you're playing drums on your bed without even thinking about it (while listening to a Rockline rebroadcast with Rush).

195. When you need to take pills to get rid of your addiction.

196. When you have a tattoo with the majesty symbol on your forehead and the phrase "go buy some Dream Theater!" right under it.

197. When you use your DT ring on a string to hypnotise people and getting them to buy DT/Prog.

198. When you have repeated nightmares and a very bad conscience after giving your 10 year old sister a Backstreet Boys CD for Christmas.

199. When you must read every post in every thread of the forum even if you have no interest whatsoever in wrestling or mountain bikes and you don't speak French!

200.  When you know Kirby's answer when some newbie ask her his age on #mikechat...

201. When you read this thread everyday!

202. When you go furniture shopping with your wife and spend 30 minutes hanging out by the grandfather clocks listening to the pendulum swing back and forth and thinking "close you eyes and begin to relax..."

203. When you think about the "close your eyes and begin to relax" words as you try to calm down and fall asleep after a busy day.

204. You wish that wordless conversations were as interesting as instrumentals.

205. You're in a university computer lab and you scream "YES!" out loud when you discover that DT is unexpectedly coming to your hometown, causing everyone to turn and look at you. (Exaggerating a little bit, but this did happen yesterday.)

206. When you're absolutely convinced that if Bach was alive today, he'd be listening to prog.

207. When you only use the bathroom BETWEEN songs; never during them.

208. When you start to realize that about 40% of prog bands have singers that sound like Geoff Tate.

209. When you like watching eMpTV's dance shows, while listening to prog, because the dancers look so funny dancing to 9/8.

210. You're up in the middle of the night, taking turns playing air guitar, drums, keyboards, bass and even vocals to a particular instrumental part in the song you're listening to on headphones. (This is particularly more addictive with prog.)

211. When you overwind the spring in your metronome to make it click at irregular intervals

212. When you're on your honeymoon in Hawaii and it's 10/26/1999 and you start to panic because you have no idea where a store is that will have the new Dream Theater cd.

213. When you're watching one of those game shows (Greed, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, etc) and people give one of those lame answers as to what they would do if they won a million dollars......lame, because you know the only correct answer is "to follow Dream Theater around the world for 3 months on tour!"

214. You go on a two hours stroll just as an excuse to listen to couple of albums, on a weekly basis.

215. When you wake up and brush your teeth in 7/8, 9/8, 7/8, 9/8 

216. When you are constantly thinking of things to do that will prove you are addicted to prog, just so that you can post it here

217. When a guy who _hates_ prog give one of his reasons like, "They can do long drum fills and I can't"

218. ...when you think that a CD is a rip-off if it has less than 75 minutes of music.

219. When you listen to prog before a math test because you think the mathematical intricaces of the music will make you smarter.

220. When you chisel "DT Rules!" on the desk in all your classes... and feel like you're doing the world a favor.

221. When you take physics because you think liquid tension is cool.

222. You fail your college European History final because your reply to the essay question "Explain the significance of the Magna Carta" was that it's a prog rock music label.

223. You fail it even worse when you say that Magellan's importance is that it's a band under the Magna Carta.

224. You spend about six hours or so writing half of a concept parody to DT's latest release that is being compiled on MP.com.

BT is laughing his A$$ off at how bad "Salty6" missed the numbering system!! >>>>

68.you freak out when you mistake a big red sign that says "home theater" with "Dream theater".

69.you dream of a killer bass line, only to find out later that its a myung original.

225. You have nightmares of the spooky DT-Jesus icon haunting you and winking at you. (BT laughs even harder!!! This picture can ONLY be seen at the Banished Theater.)

226. You look in the 'children's music' section when buying Green Day and Bush albums as gifts for cousins, children, or whoever else is interested.

227. When you feel like you have a “Progressive music population” at your college/school/workplace because you and five other people KNOW who Dream Theater is.

228. When upon hearing somebody playing Dream Theater down the hallway at the beginning of the semester, you feel the absolute need to go befriend that person because they are really cool. (This was a really weird occurrance because my friend Josh, who listens to DT, is a red-headed tuba player with a beard. Our friend Kenn, whom we heard playing DT down the hallway one day and felt the need to befriend because he was so cool, is ALSO a red-headed tuba player with a beard. WEIRD happenings...)

228. You stay up until after four in the morning for a week straight creating a MIDI file for A Change of Seasons (even though after a full week of doing so you're still just barely finished with “The Crimson Sunrise”) and, just to be sure you've got the most authentic version, you sync up the MIDI in your Pro Audio program so that EVERY SINGLE MEASURE is exactly the same tempo as the corresponding measure in the recording. To be absolutely sure that it sounds authentic, you send the MIDI file to Al @ Switchcraft for his professional opinion.

229. You start an argument about how we CAN hear 7/4

230. You are introduced to another prog song and you wonder upon the first listen "where's the prog?" because you couldn't pick out any "odd" time sigs, everything flowed nicely!

231. You can't speak the same language as this other person, but they play Erotomania on the drums and they immediately become your soulmate (happened at a school meet, the guy was from Thailand and could hardly speak english!)

232. When you ALWAYS make the same spelling mistake on the word "theatre"!!!!!!

233. When you see an ad for a shadow theatre play and you are shocked at first, "Shadow Gallery? Dream Theater?? Who?"

235. You always stretch before listening to DT so you don't pull a muscle air-drumming.

236 Your wife is on the verge of killing you because you constantly back up the CD so that you can repeatedly point out that perfectly placed note until she appreciates its value and understands why it is that one note gets you excited every time. And then after she appreciates it, you still have to point it out every time it goes by...

237. You must have the Gilette Mach 3 because they say it shaves "progressively" closer.

238. You gotta have Progresso chicken soup, not the cheap condensed Cambells soup.

239. When you play a song on drums, you scratch your back every co often and point to the wall, just like MP does.

240. You must get Every single note on CAKEA on the drums perfectly; no variation will do. (for any song, really)

241. When your CD player delivers it's last dying breath playing Spock's Beard and you're afraid it died, because it couldn't handle prog anymore. So you tried putting in some hip-hop to revive it.

242 You post on a 200+ thread describing every aspect of your addiction... a thread rivaled only by another thread that you posted on trying to explain the lastest DT cd

243. When your music teacher tells you that you're "making progress" you think your teacher knows Dream Theater, and you start bringing DT CD's with you each time.

244. When you have 2 or more forum names! Is that right Orion - whoever you are

245. You seriously consider going to see DT in Germany, although it is over 400 miles away, because some weird dude Cable asks you...

246. You lie on your bed to listen to SFAM, and the next thing you know the hypnotherapist is telling you to wake up.

247. You wonder where Mike keeps his 2 duplicate drum kits stored... you're sure he wouldn't mind if you just played em a bit.

248. When your procedure for making new friends consists of yelling out lyrics to progressive songs in a crowded public place (a mall, a movie theater, etc.), hoping that you get something other than blank stares or a brush with the cops.

249. When you're with a group of older people and they're discussing the "Dallas" TV episode "Who Shot JR?", you immediately come up with a new twisted DT soap opera of Derek Sherinian plotting to kill Jordan Rudess by doing just that and blaming it on Kevin Moore, who incidentally didn't like DT that much.

250. When you're hand-coding HTML tables and you think the <DT> tag is cool. This also works with the <DD> tag (Dixie Dregs). And the <SAMP> tag makes you think of Sampac.

251-When you notice that todays date is the anniversary of a fictional character that died as the result of being a cheating nymphomaniac in the best prog band,no,no-best BAND IN THE WORLDs newly released concept album.

252. When everyone in your college algebra class turns around eyes you evily and go SSSSSSHHHHHHHH! All because you have to tap out with your pencils, books, paper, desk, and any other available surface the song Lie in it's entirety during a test.
I find myself tapping excessively in every class.

253. You 'borrow' your sister's furby in order to get it to learn lyrics to a few choice prog songs.

254. When you desperately want to win the "Best Poster" award so you dig through all the past posts to find this and bring it back to the font page.


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