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Computer Links

Tom's Hardware Guide - Review's, overclocking and PC optimization. Been a great site for years.

Tom's Hardware

This young man is the "cutting edge" in hardware reviews. Tests a lot of pre-production hardware.


Now these guys know how to take the "BIOS by the horns".

BIOS Guide

Playing today's PC games takes a lot of computer horsepower. Find out about the latest games and hottest hardware to run them here.

Firing Squad

Great new PC game reviews and hardware tests.


Search Engines

My favorite metasearch engine. Great for a quick general search.


The "Daddy" of search engines. Will give you back thousands of hits to browse through on any topic.


Set this as your default page if kids are using the computer. A kids search engine that has access to all the latest. Screens out "harmful" material too.

Ask Jeeves

Most Excellent Sites

FREE car information- new and used car prices. The best thing here is FREE new car invoice prices, many places charge $20 or more for this information.

Also see Kelly's Blue Book, more car info and pricing.


Kelly's Blue Book

Great Site for wasting valuable time. Play cards, backgammon and many other games for FREE. Go ahead and register with them right away, they'll e-mail you a password in about 1 minute.


IRS tax forms...what more is there to say? (Only excellent if you are getting money back!)

IRS Forms

Do  you use a CD burner? Then you must see this site.

Game Copy World

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