Two guys are out golfing one day. One slices off to the right,  one hooks off to the left and they both go to retrieve their  balls.

The guy on the right is hacking and hacking at the ball  but just can't lift it out of the buttercups. It has become lodged in. All of a sudden, up from the ground comes Mother  Nature and is she mad!  

"What the hell are you doing to my beautiful buttercups?" she  asks.  

"I'm just trying to get my golf ball out of them, lady", replies  the golfer. 

"Well, you are really making me mad. Just look what you've done  to my buttercups. For this I must punish you. Your punishment  will be an entire year without butter!!" 

The golfer starts laughing hysterically which, by now, has just about worn out Mother Nature's patience. 

"What in the hell do you think is so funny about no butter for a  year?" she screams at him. 

"I'm not laughing about that - I'm laughing about my friend over  there whacking the hell out of your pussy willows!

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