Every day the man came into the grocery store at lunchtime, bought a big can of dog food, went across the street to a bench in the park, and ate the dog food with a spoon. This strange habit was noticed by a doctor who regularly walked through the park.

One day the doctor came up to the man and said, "You know, that stuff isn't good for you. It can kill you." The man shrugged. "I've been eating it every day for twenty years." The doctor repeated the warning, but to no avail.

A month or so later, he noticed the man wasn't on the bench for a couple of days in a row. Another park regular told him the man had died.

"I told him that dog food would kill him," the doctor said. "It wasn't the dog food," the man said. "He was sitting on the curb licking his dick and a truck ran over him."

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