Mike goes to this buddy Joe's house and knocks on the door. Joe's wife answers the door wearing a night gown. Mike asks, "Is Joe home?". The wife says, "No, but he'll be back in just a few minutes. Would you like to come in and wait?"

Mike says, "Sure, but just for a couple minutes, then I have to go."

They walk into the kitchen, the wife offers Mike a cup of coffee and he takes her up on it. They are making small talk when Mikes says to her, "I just have to tell you how beautiful your breasts look in that night gown."

A bit embrassed she replies, "Why...thank you."

Mike pulls out his wallet, removes a $100 bill, and slaps it down on the counter. He says to her, "Tell you what, if you just show me one of your breasts, I'll give you this $100 bill."

The wife thinks for a minute and decides, what the hell. This gown is so thin, he's basically already seen them. So she whips out a breast. Mike says, "Wow, it's beautiful !"

They then continue chit chatting. After a few more minutes, Mike says to her, "I can't stop thinking how beautiful your breast was. If you show me both of them at the same time, I'll give you another $100 bill."

The wife figures why not, he's already seen one of them, what's the difference. So she opens up her gown and shows him both of her beasts. Mike slaps down another $100 bill on the counter and says, "Wow, Joe is a lucky man, those are absolutely beautiful !"

Mike then finishes his coffee and says, "Well, I can't wait for Joe any longer, I have to leave. Goodbye."

A couple minutes after Mike leaves, Joe arrives home. The wife says, "Mike stopped by to see you, but he had to leave."

Joe says, "Oh, I see, sorry I missed him.". He then asks his wife, "Did he happen to leave the $200 he owes me?"

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