Bad Thad's Funniest Jokes

I believe the joke items found here are the best collection on the web. Take some time and check all of them out. You will both laugh and cringe, I promise!

Rated "A" for Adults Only

Definitely NOT for Children!

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A Man and His Ass

Jackass (mp 2.6 MB)

Internet Chat 

The Truth (jpg)

Nasty Questions and Nasty Answers

Q&A III Hardcore

Woman Training 101

Women Know Everything

Another OUCH

Balance Beam PAIN (mpe 841k)

Preachers Challenge

In The Bible

A Pissed Off Sports Fan

That Had To Hurt (mpg 626k)


You will NOT Believe This One (mpg 1.3MB) 

A Day at the Beach

OOOPPPPPS (mpg 1.2 MB)

Windows 2000 Keyboard

Simplified (jpg)

Hardware Tech Support Calls

True Stories

Clinton Dies

At The Gates

Sign Language

Deaf Newlyweds

Actual Radio Interview

The General

Watch and Learn

Medical School

Billy...our prez

On Parade (jpg)


Dead Goldfish

Bank Robber

Wrong Bank?


You see that...?

Two Golfers

Mother Nature


Trick or ???  (jpg)

A Close One

Cat Toy  (jpg)

Crack Dealers

Before and After

Absolutely Unreal

Pizza MPG (421k)

Diagram of the Male Brain

Males Exposed  (jpg)

New Computer Viruses !

Viruses to Look Out For

How to Offend Everyone


Answers to Some of Lifes Questions


Pirate Stories

The Hook

Hill Billy

Cheap Vasectomy

The Beach


What Time is It

The Watch

Little Old Lady

The Bet

Welcome to Hell


The Not so Drunk Driver

Not Drunk, Drunk

The Man with No Arms

No Arms

Watch What You Buy

Surprise Balloon  (jpg)

Two Hundred Dollars

Nice Breasts

Little Red Riding Hood

Bad Wolf

A Man Gets Thirsty

Gay Bar

The Hippi

Bus Driver

Monkey Smells Fingers

Knockout AVI (373k)

Burned-out on Barney, Listen to this!

Barney WAV (110 k)

The Newly Weds


Endangered Species

Bald Eagle

Monkey Takes a Drink (Well worth the download, you won't believe this one!)

Fountain MPG (937k)

Not Very Funny

OUCH !! MPE (642k)

Ten Dollars is Ten Dollars

Old Man

Men versus Women


Growing Schwantz

Longer Harder

The Good Old USA


The Biker Dude

Harley  (jpg)

New Y2K System

Year 2000

A Modest Man

Ghost Story



Men v. Women II

How to Impress

Software Tech Support

Wife v1.0

The Newest

Woman's Beenie Baby   (jpg)

Things Men Wish Women Knew.

Wish List

Old Man and God

85 Years Old

You Shouldn't Eat That!

Dog Food

One Horny Guy

The Chicken

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