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What kind of computers does Bad Thad have? Well,  just for the Geeks out there, this is a list of each one and it's hardware. Naturally, I build my own PC's.  There are five (running) computers at my house. One is never enough ! If you want to see some pics, click HERE !

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System One (The BT Boss Game Machine)
Pentium III 750E FC    Coppermine  Boxed CPU overclocked to 930MHz (7x124) with Retal H/S Fan 1.75V
Windows 98 SE
Asus P3V4X Mainboard with  VIA 133A chipset
640 MB PC133 SDRAM (CAS2 All memory timings at fastest permitted)
IBM ATA66 13.6GB HDD 7200 rpm (2MB buffer)
IBM ATA66 9.1 GB 7200rpm (2MB buffer)
Visiontek GeForce2 GTS AGP 32MB DDR 4x AGP
Sound Blaster Live 128
3COM 10Mbps NIC (connected to 768 kbps ADSL with Cisco 675 Router)
Toshiba 48x CDROM
Memorex 2x2x24 CDRW
19" KDS VS-190 0.27dp Monitor
Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer USB
Teac 1.44MB Floppy
Win-6302 HDD Cooler with dual fans
Front Case Fan with Rear System Exhaust Blower
GNT 500P Speakers with Subwoofer
Juster Digital Series Rear Speakers (300W PMPO)
APC Back-UPS 300VA
Mid-Tower with 320W ATX-2 PS and case fan


System Two (My Son Brandon's)
AMD K6-2 500
Windows ME
Soyo 5EHM Super7 AT Mainboard
Western Digital ATA100 13.1 GB 7200 rpm (2MB buffer)
Seagate 4.5GB ATA33 HDD (512k)
Visiontek GeForce AGP 32MB SDR 4x AGP
KDS 17" VS7E 0.26dp Monitor
3COM 10Mbps NIC (connected to 768 kbps ADSL)
Sound Blaster AWE64 ISA
Phillips 4x4x24 CDRW
Delta 48x CDROM
Teac 1.44MB Floppy
JVC Tower Speakers
Mini-Tower with 300w PS


System Three (My Daughter's PC)
AMD K6-2 450
Soyo 5EH5 Super7 AT Mainboard
Maxtor 3.5GB ATA33 HDD (512k)
3DFx Voodoo2 8MB
Diamond Fire GL Pro 1000 AGP 4MB Video
Toshiba 32x CDROM
Ensonic ESS 3D ISA Sound Card
Teac 1.44MB Floppy
300w Speakers
MID Tower ATX 300w PS
System Four (The BT Network Server and Distributed Computing SETI Cruncher) 
Dual Pentium Pro 200's
SuperMicro P6SNF 440FX mainboard 
304 MB 60ns EDO RAM 
Cirrus Logic 2MB PCI video
Quantum Fireball 4.3GB IDE HDD
Western Digital 3.1GB IDE HDD
Seagate 1.275 GB IDE HDD
3COM 10/100 PCI NIC
Toshiba XM-6102B 24x CDROM
Mitsumi Floppy
Windows 2000 Advanced Server Network with CAT5 10BaseT using 8 Port Ovis Link Hub
System Five (Distributed Computing RC5 Cracker) 
Dual Pentium Pro 180's
SuperMicro P6DNF 440FX mainboard 
128 MB 60ns EDO RAM 
2MB PCI video
Western Digital 6.4MB IDE HDD 5400 rpm (2MB Buffer)
3COM 10/100 PCI NIC
Acer 36x CDROM
Teac Floppy
Windows 2000 Pro

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