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AMI BIOS and AWARD BIOS by Number to find the manufacturer,, AMI BIOS Beep Codes, AMI BIOS Post Codes, Motherboard chip set identification by photo, and more.

Win Motherboard Info

A super resource for BIOS settings info. 

BIOS Guide

Asus P3V4X motherboard website. This site is dedicated to this Asus board.

P3V4Xfest 2000

Hardware This is by far my favorite hardware site. Excellent information and reviews, also, a great message board system for obtaining help. I highly recommend the "Hot Deals" section.

The website that started the hardware review craze. Top notch reviews and information.


Very powerful website for finding reviews, highly recommended.


Operating System
Free power utilities for WinNT and Win98. These are the most powerful Windows utilities that can be found on the web.

Bootdisks for EVERY operating system and a bunch more goodies. Note: My host tends to hack my HTML code, the link is

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