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Last Updated 03FEB01

Brand new system or hard drive and unsure of the best way to partition it? READ Partition Recommendations


Sick of windows asking you if you're sure you want to shutdown a program? READ Terminate NOW


Does your PC refuse to shutdown? Want a quick shortcut to shutting down your PC?.  READ Shutdown


Is your PC internet protected? A simple to use, free program can stop Wannabe hackers DEAD in their tracks.  READ Protect Your PC


Have more than 64MB of RAM?  READ Speed Up Windows 98


Can't seem to rename the Recycle Bin?  READ Rename Recycle Bin


Secure Internet Explorer. READ Upgrade to 128-bit Encryption


Memory prices dropping like a lead-balloon. READ BUY RAM NOW


Windows 98 has some great power tools built-in. Tell Windows what to load at start-up, diagnose hardware and fix applications that keep crashing. The little known "Hardware Diagnostic Tool". READ System Information


America on Line screws up thousands of computers. READ America Off Line


Take control over Windows Explorer. It NEVER opens at the folder you want it to. READ Control Explorer


Junk e-mail is taking over the net. How can you control all the garbage that fills your mail box everyday? READ Antispamification



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