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So, you want your own personal website? There are a bunch of places on the web that let you put up your very own web page in just a few minutes. How do they do it for free? Just like free internet, advertising. With most services, they will install an ad banner on each of your pages.

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Hey, want to have your own web site? Read on!

One of the greatest freebies going today is free web space. It's easy to join one of the many sites offering free personal web sites. In less than 5 minutes, you can have your own piece of the web staked out and ready for you to start building on. Fifteen minutes later, you can have the first planks of your web site in place -- ready for the rest of us victims to view. Heheh. Then, 300 hours of labor later,  you'll have a site that you will be proud to show off!!!!

The concept of an Internet full of hundreds of thousands of pages of information is the very backbone of the web. Well, that was the intent of the Internet before all the big commercial interests signed on trying to sell their goods and services for a buck. Now everyone, rich and poor alike, has an opportunity to make an offering to the web -- including advertisements that your free website host must inject into your site to finance the whole darn thing. Some of these "personal" sites will end up making a valuable contribution to the rest of us. Some of it will be ugly and nasty, but that's the American way.

You can start a web site for your club, school, employer, church, neighborhood, job search, whatever, including your own web based business. The only limit is your own imagination. One of my badbones buddies built a web site for his church. Now they are officially in cyberspace. They have a bulletin board, chat room, and even room for the minister to throw in a mini sermon or two. What a hero this badboy turned out to be amongst his Sunday associates.

An easy place to get started is with an article in the June 1999 PC World magazine. You can find it at if you search around a bit.

Here are some of the many sites offering free web space and the tools necessary to get the building job started.

If you just want a simple, quick and easy page, try Homestead. They have an absolute "walk-through". You can have your own website up and running in about 10-15 kidding. All you have to do is make a few simple choices by clicking and filling in some text. It's super easy.

FortuneCity: (Easy Interface)
GeoCities: (Medium Interface)
Homestead: (Very Easy Interface)

So there you have it. Put BadThad's website address on your new web site, let others share in my madness.


Helpful Tip 1 For Newbies
When you are setting up a new, simple web site, keep all your files in a single directory. This, for sure, will keep all your references straight so you don't have to sweat the details. The most common errors you see in pages are bad references. This causes sections of the page to not load or incorrect links. (badthad thinks his site even has some). Be sure your main starting page is named "index.html". All browsers look for this file by default.

Trick to keep organized:

Create one subdirectory ("folder for newbies"..hehehe) off the root your C: drive and store all your files there. Use a file naming system to keep like files grouped and stick with lower case file names. For example:

File Name Begins with:

Type of File



htm b_index.htm


jpg a_mycat.jpg


wav c_meow.wav


Helpful Tip 2 - Keep Your Page Sizes Small
Most people surf the internet using modems, which load pages fairly slow. Keep the total size of your pages including graphics and sound to less than 150kb. Huge pages will quickly discourage a modem user from continuing.  Each page should ideally load within 20-30 seconds, the absolute maximum, in my opinion, is about 90 seconds. If it takes longer than this, it better be damn well worth the wait or your visitor is likely to leave after loading a huge page.
Helpful Tip 3 - How to Handle Sound

Some people think that having sound on a web page is cool, some hate it with a passion. Bad Thad likes a little, while Bad Thad's dad likes a lot. Either way, the main problem with adding sound to a web page is that it adds time to how long it takes for your web page to load on a viewers computer.

Little sounds, like a dog barking, a pop, bell ringing, etc, are usually not a problem. But music is a whole different story.

For example, an entire version of the "Bad To The Bone" music used sparingly here, in wav format, uses about 40 megs of data to play. Well, depending on what kind of internet service, modem, etc. you have, you could be sitting there for four or five hours waiting for your computer to download this 3 minute song. In MP3 format that same song is "only" about 5 megs in size -- but would still require more download time than most people are willing to spend waiting for a web page to open. But even if you wanted to include a full song of music anyway, you must remember that some people do not yet have a system capable of playing MP3 format. Same holds true for midi format, which can get a full song down to about 50k of data -- but is useless if not enough people can hear it.

This leaves you with using the burdensome wav format if you expect "most" people to be able to enjoy the music you post. And, errrr, since free web sites only offer 10 to 20 megs of space per site you may be sucking wind with your full song music plans anyway.

What's a mo' to do? When you build your web site you have the opportunity to "cycle" sounds. That is, you can play the sound once, or any number of cycles. So the most used trick is to only post a stanza or two of the music you want played, then set it to cycle 2, 3, 4, ....100 times, or even play over and over again forever. Thus, if you want background music on your site, edit the original music into a stanza or two of the song (Windows Sound Recorder does this easy enough) and have it play over and over again, X number of times, on your web site. Just hope that the visitor to your site doesn't plan on staying there long if you use 100 cycles, heheh.

What's a dad to do? BadThad's dad says the h_ll with 'em. He uses "organ grinder" music in midi format. Gets a whole song of background noise on that web page in just 50k of space! Bad's Dad says, "It's the melody that's important in background music. If viewers want quality music, let 'em play CDs". Oh, and if your computer can't play midi format files, "let 'em crawl out of their caves and get some new software!". Click here for an example of dad's organ grinder music Rocket.mid (25.4KB):

Rocket Midi

Other, errrrrr, worthwhile tips. Don't use stereo music -- it's mountainous in data size. Use Windows Sound Recorder to change stereo music into mono, and otherwise cut back the bits and bites in your music.

Want to strip music from CDs to your computer. Look at this freeware: CDex. It's a fantastic free app that can record digital audio tracks directly from compact discs, without going through your sound card (a process known as "ripping"). You can save tracks as CD-quality .wav files, or use CDex's built-in encoding feature to convert them into the space-saving .mp3 format. You can download a copy at:

Heheh. Some address huh? Non of that wimpy stuff for ZDnet!



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