Junk mail on the internet abounds. Marketing departments have found the easiest, cheapest method of advertising ever. This garbage mail clogging our internet is collectively known as "SPAM". We have all seen it, especially if you have been loose with your e-mail address. Some mail services have an "antispam" feature that allows you to block mail from a specified address. The problem with this approach is that professional Spammers use many different e-mail address when doing a bulk mailing. You may block this address, but then they will increment their e-mail address by one number or letter so the filter is no longer effective. They are VERY crafty. Keep reading to minimize Spam in your life.

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How Control Your Mail
To minimize the impact on your regular e-mail address that you use for important things, open up a "junk" email address at Hotmail, Juno, Mailcity or any of the many free places. Then, whenever you "register" at web sites or have to give out your e-mail address to anyone other than someone important to you, give them your "junk" address. If registering for a website, you can go there to retrieve the password they send (and they do that to make sure you gave them a valid address). This will eliminate the chance of getting Spam at your regular "real" e-mail address. My junk e-mail box at Hotmail gets 30-40 ads per day. It can be a real pain in the rear going through trash like that looking for good mail and deleting the spam. If you know what to specifically look for, you can easily find the message your after.ter and then delete all the Spam without having to read it.
Some people like to keep a list of their passwords on their local computer. If you are one of these types, then simply forward the e-mail from the junk account to your real one. a

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