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Stop paying for dial-up internet access. Use one or more the many FREE internet service providers and put $20 a month back into your pocket.

How is FREE internet access possible? Many companies selling things on the web want exposure. The easiest way to generate traffic to their website is through advertising. Look at the web today, you see ad's all over nearly every website. They just can't be avoided. Seems everybody has something for sale. All the FREE internet service providers sell ad's to these companies, which in turn pays for your free access. You gotta look at ad's while surfing the net anyway, so why not let them pay for your access?


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The Modem World Goes FREE
I predict all dial-up (modem) internet access will eventually be free, including AOheLL. Web surfers are rapidly switching to faster internet connections such as RoadRunner (cable, Time-Warner AOL), ADSL (Asynchronous Digital Subscriber Line, Telco) and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line, 3rd party). Internet multimedia content is growing, thus greater band-width is becoming a must to fully enjoy the web. This will make traditional modem-access pay services obsolete.  Why pay for only getting half of the internet? Nowadays, I have gone to paid DSL access, because modems are too slow for my personal needs.


The Incredible FREE List
There are several free internet service providers (ISP) that I know of. They all have different pluses and minuses which I have described below. I have not used all of these ISP's, so I must limit my comments on those somewhat. I recommend signing-up for and installing at least 3 different free ISP's if you are relying on them for total internet access. I used free  internet for over 4 years, over that time I have discovered that each one can have "loss of service" times. When that happens, just switch to a different one and you're in business.

Another thing to note, with most of these services you can set-up an anonymous account. This great for guarding your  private, personal  information.


The second best free ISP. Uses large ad banner "Netzero Portal".

+ Reliable access. Fine-tuned software with automatic updates. Fast response. Good initial connection speeds. Portal provides quick access to mail, search engines, stock quotes, etc. Easy to set-up an anonymous account.

- Rare outages. HUGE ad banner (must be used at 1024x768 resolution) that is difficult to move around the screen and obstructs view.  Timed "inactivity" banner every 30 minutes (even if you are active) that must be clicked on or you get disconnected. Becoming very popular which will slow access over time. Large 5+MB initial download. Monitors where you go on the internet so they can better target advertising.

World Share Net 

I have never used this service.

+ No ad banner. Portion of charges donated back to a charity of your choice.

- $10 setup fee. $19.95 per month, on your credit card. However, if you fill out a monthly "survey", the $19.95 is credited back to your credit card.


A free CD came to my house by snail-mail. So...what the hell? I installed it and tested just for you.

+ Easy to Install. Ad banner a bit thinner than Netzero. Good initial connect speed. Easy to set-up an anonymous account.

- Attempted to install Internet Explorer 5.0. A million questions to answer in the sign-up process. Ad banner. Changes your default e-mail program to Juno.


Believe it or not, K-Mart is offering free internet service! Here is a great review submitted by my Dad :

"Bluelight starts out with 2.7 meg download file that turns into 3.5 meg of application after install. Installation is simple and straight forward and doesn't muck up any other ISP setups you already have on your PC -- except for changing your default log-on browser page to Yahoo!. This is easy enough to correct (Settings>Control Panel>Internet>Home Page). Bluelight set up carries you through signing up with Yahoo! for membership and an email account. If you already are registered with Yahoo! the set up ap uses your existing Yahoo user name and password. Once you're set up the Yahoo, your user name and password become your Bluelight user name and password. Total integration. As of 2/2000 there are no ads in the Bluelight ad banner, but I suspect that there will be in the near future. During install you have to answer about a dozen personal questions but Bluelight and Yahoo promise not to abuse this information. Once you get logged on to the net, Bluelight inserts an Ad Banner Box in the bottom right hand side of your screen. It is about 1.5 inches high and 8.5 inches long (on a 600 X 480 screen). The MAJOR flaw here is that the box can not be moved. Anything under it, like the scroll arrow, is not accessible. This is a very big problem with sites like Playsite. So if you are a gamer, you can forget about using Bluelight for now."

+ Easy installation. Only 3.5MB installed.

- Non-movable Ad Banner

Free DSL

I have never used this service. Unfortunately, it is only available in California right now. For those who don't know, DSL means Digital Subscriber Line. DSL is a SUPER fast connection to the internet, similar to RoadRunner. Getting this for free is pretty amazing...but, read the agreement carefully.

+ SUPER fast internet access.

- Monitored. Cannot create a anonymous account. After reading about it, you have to be willing give a lot of personal information away. Ad's.

Link to Free Internet

This link takes you to a list of several FREE ISP's.

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