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You've just found the best collection of GURU files on the Web (Bad thinks so, but he also has a nice bridge...). These are difficult and sometimes impossible to find files and utilities. Due to restrictions with my host, I had to zip each of these files. Just unzip 'em and you're in business ! NOTE: If you don't know how to do that, then you don't need these files!!...and, OH, do you still have the boxes your PC came in? Also, I am NOT a virus spreader...NO WAY. These are 100% for sure clean files, I scanned 'em before I posted 'em here to be extra sure. I am the biggest antivirus person in the world...please TRUST ME on this. As an Administrator, I have WASTED hours of my time fighting viruses at work, so I really hate people that WASTE their God given talent on virus production.


Win98 Registration. Read about this God-Send HERE.

Reghack 98

This is something EVERYBODY SHOULD USE.  This is a batch file that creates a subdirectory called "c:\winbak", then it proceeds to back up your registry and other important windows files. Feel free to modify it in Notepad.


FAT 32 version of Fdisk. Comes in very handy in certain where to be found on the Web, except Bad Thad's.


KDS Monitor information file. If you own a KDS monitor and windows has detected it as a "Plug-n-Pray" type, then you are missing MANY options for higher refresh rates.


Here is the famous Quake 2 patch for AMD processors with 3D Now! This patch brings UNREAL frame rates to Q2...mine nearly doubled!


SyQuest is officially bankrupt and history. This is the driver disk for the Syjet 1.5 GB drive zipped up nice and pretty.

Syjet Drive

Win 98 eliminated this Win 95 power utility, Configuration Backup. It will make an emergency backup of your registry that can be restored using Windows "Safe Mode".


Well...I hate to give it up, but here is my bloody font! You MUST have this font installed in order to properly view Bad Thad's site.


iOmega Zip Drive drivers. Includes Guest95.exe program to let a Zip drive run on any PC. It allows a PC without a Zip Drive (100meg)  to use an external Zip Drive. With this driver you hook up the zip drive, start Guest95.exe and you're in business. Works in Win95 and 98. Good thing to add to an emergency boot disk. Used it once to reload Win98 to a PC that had a buggered CD drive. If you keep Win98 backed up on a zip disk, you can load it to a PC when the CD drive is buggered.

Zip Drive

This is a super power tool. Bad Thad rates it a 10 for pro's who like to directly edit the Windows 95/98 registry (Doesn't work with NT, how sad.).

Registry Editor Plus

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