C: Drive Full? Clean-Up Time !

Is your hard drive getting a little tight? You just might be able to free-up some valuable space. 

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Delete Files in Temporary Subdirectories (folders)
Open up Explorer or Winfile (>Start>Run>type Winfile). First, if using Explorer, make sure you can "see" all files and folders. Open Explorer and click on "View">"Folder Options">"View Tab", under "Hidden Files" select the option to "Show All Files". Browse to C:\windows\TEMP and delete ALL the files there. It won't hurt anything, why do you think they are called "temp files"? (Note: Some PC's also have a subdirectory called C:\temp. Delete all files there too!) Next, look for a folder called "Temporary Internet Files" and delete all the files in there. Finally, look for a folder called "Cookies" and delete all the files there. Ahhhh...most people will regain about 10 MB or more of real estate by doing this.
Did you install Win98 over Win95?
When you upgrade to Win98 the setup program creates C:\Windows\System\Msaabak\*.*. It's a hand-full of back up files worth 2.15 meg of drive surface. Once you have decided to not uninstall the W98 upgrade these files are useless. Delete them and the Msaabak subdirectory.
Using a Microsoft mouse?
If you don't need any more lessons in how to use a mouse, delete C:\msmouse\ergodemo.dll for a gain of 709kb of hdd space. From BT's Dad -"I accidentally deleted the folder where MS Intellimouse was installed but the wheel mouse still works and the wheel mouse manager in Control Panel still works. I now have no "mouse" folders on my system. I don't know how much space this took up. You want to try it?? Heheheheheh." Yes, I did it to, my mouse works fine still.
Cleaning Up MSN. Tired of MSN giving you the finger.
For Users of MSN: Tired of getting the MSN finger in the orange box when MSN informs you of your log on time. Remove Msnlg256.avi and Msnlogo.avi from the On MSN folder. Goodbye finger. While you're in there delete Msnlg256.bmp and Msnlogo.bmp as well. Oh, you also pick up 70k of hard disk space!! Ah, I feel like I just gave MSN the bird.
Kill Real Audio Player
Regain about 8 megs of hard drive. I guess I got it because web sites kept begging me to download it so I could hear their sound, or see their video. Win98 has a 200k media player. Heck, it plays just about everything including RealAudio format audio and video files -- so I set it as the default association for all sounds and video. Lo and behold, I no longer need the RealAudio Player. The few times I opened RealAudio it agitated me to "register" it. Ha!! On top of that it was telling me that it was no longer the default player for RealAudio files and asking if I want it to be. Tough sht jack. No, no, no. Not only that, I have now wiped it to gain over 8 meg of HHD space! Check out your PC. Why keep feeding the hard drive makers.
Trim Down Adobe Acrobat and Dump an Ad
Take a second and delete Acrobat.pdf from Acrobat/Reader folder -- pick up 270k of disk space by deleting a commercial. Yeah, and if you don't need any help with using Acrobat, sht can Reader.pdf from Acrobat/Help folder. Pick up another 500k disk space.Tired of looking at that Adobe commercial that pops up in the lower left hand corner of your screen every time you boot windows? Well, it's just a lite Adobe (A dope eh?) lower case red "a", but who gave them the right to put their logo on my PC for daily viewing? Oh, and they've been doing this for at least seven years that I know of. If you ever installed some Adobe software chances are they've given you the treatment. To get rid of this pesky little piece of chit go into Sytem.ini file (C:\Windows\System.ini), find and change the line that reads: "system.drv=atmsys.drv" to "system.drv=system.drv". Then go and delete the file "atmsys.drv" ! Ha! Goodbye Adobe advertisement.
Cleaning up Outlook and Exchange (BT's Dad)
Once Outlook Express is installed on a machine that was using Messaging and/or Exchange,  the old email files are saved in C:\Exchange as mailbox.pab and mailbox.pst. If one wants to save this old e-mail for future reference they can be imported into Outlook Express (File/Import/Messages) and then deleted from C:\Exchange. No disk space savings here, just getting rid of some clutter. However, once this is done you can delete C:\Program Files\Windows Messaging for a disk space savings of 456kb. Of course, if you don't want to save the old e-mail you can just chit can the Exchange and Windows Messaging files.
Own a Diamond brand video card ?
I was going through my HDDs to see what kind of sht I could delete and I found this 10 meg folder called "Encompass" in the Program folder. Well, I couldn't figure out what the hell it was for sure but it had bmp files about Diamond registration, and ads for magazines, and sht like that. I searched the web for Encompass and found nothing. Went to Diamond homepage, nothing. So I whipped out my Viper CD, saw a folder on there called Reg.exe. Ran it and saw it loading Encompass. Ah ha. Found an uninstall in the Encompass folder and tripped it. Saw that it was going to remove a command from my Start Menu/Diamond. Ran that and sure as enough, 10 meg of registration ap!!! 20-30 lines in Win Registry and other files in Windows folder. Better look to see if you've got one of these, bitmaps in there over 200k. An 800k song wav file!! You think MS has bloat ware?? No wonder Diamond can't write a decent video card driver. On top of that, we pay big money for a video card and Diamond sells advertising space to PC Computing magazine (and others) to put on MY hard drive! What kind of BS is that?


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