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There are several things that should be maintained on your PC to keep it "healthy".  Listed below are some important things to remember.

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Stay up with the windows updates from Microsoft. Connect to the internet and click- START>WINDOWS UPDATE.  This will take you to the update website, follow the instructions. Be sure to update and install ALL of the critical updates listed.
Defrag your hard drive at least once a month.  Click -  START>PROGRAMS>ACCESSORIES>SYSTEM TOOLS>DISK DEFRAGMENTER. When it asks what drive to defragment, scroll down to the bottom and select "ALL HARD DRIVES" I do not recommend using the PC while it is defragmenting, so only do this when you can let it sit and run. It may take an hour or more.
Keep your anti-virus program up to date.  At a minimum, update it at least once a month. If you don't know how to update it, leave me a message on my message board "Ask Bad Thad". If you anti-virus software supports "Rescue Disks", please make a set.
Back up your system files at least once a month. Use the following sequence: Click - START>PROGRAMS>ACCESSORIES>SYSTEM TOOLS>SYSTEM INFORMATION. Click on  the TOOLS menu choice, and select SYSTEM CONFIGURATION UTILITY. Click on the button found in the GENERAL TAB labeled CREATE BACKUP. When it asks, allow it to over-write the current backup.
Clear ALL files from the TEMP directory at least  every 2-3 months.  Click on "HARD DRIVE CLEAN UP" in the above, left  menu to read how.
Remove any dust from the power supply and/or case fans every 2-3 months
Periodically remove any programs you are no longer using. This can be safely done using Windows Control Panel. Click - START>SETTINGS>CONTROL PANEL. Double-click the "Add/Remove Programs Icon". It will list most of the programs installed. Select the program you want to toast and click the "Add/Remove" button.
Personal Note: Do not install America On Line (AOL) software on your PC.  While most PC's will run fine with AOL, tt has a long history of causing system problems. If AOL is installed and it causes conflicts on your PC, I will NOT repair your system. This involves way to much time for me. My solution will be a format of the C: drive followed by a reinstallation of Windows. This carries a fee of $100.


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