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Simple tools exist all over the web that allow "wannabe" hackers to infiltrate your computer. The best thing to do is lock-down your PC with a personal firewall. How much does strong protection cost? How about FREE!!!!! This is probably the most important piece of information on this website.

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Keeping Out the Wannabe's

If you use the internet, which you obviously do since you're reading this, your computer is WIDE OPEN to attack unless you're using a Firewall. A Firewall is simply either a computer between you and the web designed to fend-off hackers or a software program that runs in the background on your PC. Since real Firewalls are expensive, the best choice is to install a program that blocks unwanted traffic.

There's quite a few programs that can do this. The most popular programs are Black Ice Defender and Zone Alarm. Unfortunately, Black Ice costs money and only blocks inbound traffic. The good news is, Zone Alarm is totally FREE...not shareware...AND it also monitors OUTBOUND traffic. Not only are hackers trying to seize your PC over the net, "sneak-ware" programs and viruses may be trying to send information over the net without your knowledge. Zone Alarm is very simple to use and configure. ALL COMPUTERS CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET SHOULD HAVE PROTECTION.

Especially vulnerable are folks with high speed connections such as DSL and cable. Under these conditions you are directly attached to a network making access even easier for the "wannabe's". Visit Zonelabs right now and download Zone Alarm FREE. Read all the info on their website to understand why you need this protection. Please support Zonelabs by clicking on any ads or buying other software they sell. They could have EASILY charged $50 or more for Zone Alarm, but they chose to give it away....an awesome company in my books!



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