How to Kill the "Are you sure..." prompt

When ever you shutdown DOS programs running in a window, Window's prompt's you with a message "Are you sure you want to close the program and losed any unsaved information?".  To which you are forced to answer "YES".  Well, this annoys me to no end. I clicked on the "X" for a reason, I don't need to be second guessed by the operating system and forced to make another click. (Yea, I'm lazy, hehehehehehe.)

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How Set Programs to Close When You Tell Them To !
Browse to the folder C:\windows\system and find the file "CONAGENT.EXE"
Right-click on the file and choose "PROPERTIES"
Click on the tab labelled "MISC" and  look for an option called "TERMINATION". Simply uncheck the box where it says "WARN IF STILL ACTIVE"


Now, when you close all running DOS programs and even some windows programs, that annoying message about "Are you sure bla, bla, bla" is GONE!




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