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Is America on Line software on your PC? Should you install ANY version of AOL? There are many reported problems with AOL software. Since AOL has purchased Netscape, they have taken the Navigator browser and "integrated" it into the AOL software. During this process, they have successfully "basterdized" the code into the pile of crap called AOL.  You say "it works fine on my PC". Bad Thad asks "How can you be so sure"? Many small yet annoying issues can frequently be traced back to AOL software.


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The AOL Computer Demon

As a computer repair person, I have had to fix three computers that were completely corrupted by AOL software. How did I end up fixing them? I formatted the hard drive and reinstalled Windows. Yes, it can be that severe. I have also heard of numorous instances of PC's getting corrupted to a point where the hard drive must be completely wiped.

While browsing a popular computer magazine, I discovered some comments that I decided to share. I photograped the exact pages, thats what you will see below.

Owners of BadThad PC's - PLEASE, do not install ANY version of AOL on your system. There are many other internet service providers (ISP's) that work much better and cleaner than AOL.  It just dosen't make sense to pay for a dial-up connection these days, there are many FREE Alternatives available to you. If you feel compelled to pay for a service, choose a normal, REAL ISP. To see an exhaustive list visit:

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All of the bloat that AOL software contains is NOT necessary for normal web browsing. Web client software provided by REAL ISP's is  actually quite small because it serves one simple task - connecting you to the web. 

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